Our Story


Radiance Yoga began as a dream of Kishie and Susie, two free-spirited women who love all things yoga. The seed was planted over a cup of coffee and a discussion about the meaning of yoga. In short, they agreed that yoga had given them each a sense of deep inner peace, hearts full of love, and the ability to consciously navigate the ups and downs of life with resilience and awareness.

Susie and Kishie longed for a space where they could authentically share their style of yoga, which includes creative sequencing coupled with alignment, music, and the understanding that we are all carrying a radiant, beautiful light within.

Radiance Yoga opened its doors on May 28, 2015, and the journey of collective growth has been full of laughter, inspiration and love. Kishie and Susie extend a huge thank you to the caring staff and experienced instructors that make Radiance a true family and a sacred space of growth and connection.

Kishie and Susie are both so grateful to be supported by their wonderful husbands and children, and everyone in the Radiance Yoga community.

Our first studio, affectionately called “The Tree House“,  opened in May 2015.  The Tree House is filled with natural light and greenery, and offers a wide variety of non-heated classes.

In March of 2019, the “Hot Shala” was created. This studio is heated with far infrared ceramic panels, which provides a dry, gentle heat that mimics the warmth of the sun. The infrared waves are absorbed by the body, and increases blood circulation. Some benefits of far infrared heat include boosting immune function, detoxifying the body and reducing joint stiffness. Most classes are heated to about 97 degrees. Classes labelled as “Heated” are held in the Hot Shala. Please bring your own mat, water and a towel.