Class Descriptions


Radiance is dedicated to holding space for you to shine your light through the practices of Yoga, no matter your experience level. Our instructors are highly trained and skilled in guiding you through shapes that feel good in your body — knowing that changes from day to day.

Our offerings range from Hatha classes, to Flow, to Restorative Yoga and we have many options to choose from daily. Descriptions are listed below to help you find the right place to make your beginning.

If you are new to Radiance or brand new to Yoga, please navigate to our Frequently Asked Questions page and email or text us with anything else at 336-283-2709.


Gentle Yoga is ideal for students looking for a softer pace that will allow for more presence with each posture with less of a flow component. In this class, you’ll be guided through breathwork and a series of shapes designed to stabilize, mobilize, and create space for exploring your practice with ease and support.


Mostly floor-based, this beginner friendly class is focused on creating a sense of ease and lightness in the body.


Ground into your body and invite your inner light to shine! Vinyasa is an invigorating style of practice that beautifully weaves breath and movement while building resilience, expanding awareness, and cultivating a sense of calm throughout your whole being. Variations offered to help each student find what feels good in their body.


Tap into your strength and vitality with this level 2/3 flow class composed of strong vinyasa sequencing that will prepare the body and mind for peak yoga poses. A few flow classes are recommended before attending, for your safety and enjoyment.


This dynamic vinyasa practice will challenge you in all the best ways with the added element of a therapeutic infrared-sauna! Expect to be guided through creative sequences linking movement with breath and melt into a blissful savasana with a cool lavender-infused towel.


Everyone’s favorite blend of sweat and stretch! Vin to Yin is our signature all-encompassing practice that offers the ultimate in efficiency. You’ll flow between the principles of both yin & yang energies as you are guided through a creative vinyasa sequence that seamlessly transitions into longer held yin shapes designed to help you relax into the deepest layers of your body.


A dialed-down vinyasa flow practice for those looking to fine-tune transitions and build core strength as you ease into a steady, slow flow that will leave you feeling rejuvenated — mind, body, and soul! Variations always offered to help each student find what feels good in their body.


Get your practice in under an hour with this condensed version of our signature Hot Flow. This is an invigorating practice that beautifully weaves breath and movement while building resilience, expanding awareness, and cultivating a sense of calm throughout your whole being.


A yoga practice that emphasizes deep abdominal work as you connect mind and body through a core focused vinyasa flow sequence.



This gentle, therapeutic yoga class will be slow paced, with an emphasis on the breath and noticing physical sensations in the body. Pose modifications are available and can be cued based on your individual needs. All levels welcome - please join us, even if sitting or lying down is all that is available to you right now. Class will conclude with a ten minute sound healing savasana.


This is a soothing practice that uses props to completely support the body in postures, allowing ease of the heart and in the nervous system. This practice of yoga is available to everyone, regardless of their age or ability, and is designed to promote healing in both the body and mind. By finding stillness in the body, we can become more focused and efficient, allowing us to be more in flow with our daily lives.


Yin is a slow, meditative style of yoga that targets the deep connective tissues, bones, joints, fascia, and ligaments in the body. Postures are held for several minutes at a time in order to find stillness amidst stretch while working to stimulate different acupressure points from Traditional Chinese Medicine.


60 minutes of soothing slow stretch and myofascial release. All levels are welcome in this class designed to gently unwind your body from the inside out.


Hot Core Fusion is an energizing mat-based practice that infuses functional movement, pulsing to the beat, and toning your whole body with a strong focus on core strength. It’s fast-paced in nature and open to anyone ready to embrace the burn!
Based on the Empower Method by pilates and barre instructor Jennifer Taylor, Hot Core Fusion uses props like resistance bands, light weights, and exercise balls. As for all of our Hot classes, be sure to bring a towel and water.

As always, please let your teacher know of any injuries or if you are tending to your body with extra care for any reason.