Flow, Roll, & Release with Kristin Richmond

Rescheduled!! Join Kristin for this popular combo-class of mindful movement and myofascial release. You’ll be guided through 90-minutes of mindful, slow vinyasa flow and full-body foam rolling to find greater ease and mobility in your practice.
The hot shala will be gently heated to a comfortable 80 degrees. Our infrared heat not only gives you the feeling of being warmed by the sun, it also aids in circulation, detoxification, and relaxation, leaving you feeling incredible!! Cool lavender towels and savasana assists top it all off. Please bring a water bottle and a towel. Class is suitable for any and all levels of experience.
When: March 5th 12-1:30 pm
Price: $25
Led by: Kristin Richmond, E-RYT200
*Please note: There are no refunds on special series and classes.*Masks required for all in-studio classes.

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