Sunday JULY 31
6:00pm – 7:30pm
Radiance Yoga Treehouse

Wrap up July with a very special SOULFUL SUNDAY SADHANA at Radiance! The primal nature of drumming nourishes a connection to the deeper self, encouraging movement that is both grounded and freeing. Melt into the end of your practice with an extended savasana drum sound bath to ultimately relax your body and enlighten your mind.

Audrey Sheldon will guide your flow as you feel the rhythm of the live drums of Brad Ellsworth of Druminyasa. Connect breath, heartbeat, mind & body to a 90 minute vinyasa flow to yin and extended savasana soundbath.

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About Audrey:

Audrey’s love of movement and connection began as a child. Filled with creative and rambunctious energy her mother put her into figure skating at a young age. That coupled with acres of untouched land to explore and the natural beauty of Skaneateles Lake to call home, Audrey began to discover her connection to all of creation through movement and exploration.

In the midst of the wild energy of her 20’s, she met her teacher, Chandra Om. A senior disciple of one of the last living western masters, Sri Dharma MIttra, Chandra guided Audrey in the traditional practices of the Holy Science of Yoga with a focus on renunciation and union with the Divine. Audrey formally studied at the NC School of Yoga for 5 years before she spread her wings and left the safety of her discipleship to become the teacher, healer, and facilitator she is today.

The remainder of her training has been in Shamanic Studies with a focus on Feminine Indigenous Wisdom. Audrey is a seasoned shamanic practitioner and healer, Reiki Teacher Master, Frame Drum Builder, and successful entrepreneur.

About Druminyasa:

As featured by The Washington Times, CBS, and Washington’s WTOP news, Brad Ellsworth of Druminyasa® (Love Shine Play festival, Wanderlust) has been playing drums and percussion for over 25 years. Brad is a yoga teacher and founded Druminyasa by connecting his love for rhythm, drums and movement.

“You feel the rhythm in your bones. The drum beat starts to match the rhythm of your heartbeat, starts to match to the rhythm of your breath until all of a sudden you are just in this energy of oneness, connected with the drums, connected with the other people, connected with the deepest part of yourself.” – Becky “Tara” Eschenroeder (Great Abiding Yoga)

“Everyone moves together, building a collective energy that is very strong and powerful, felt deep within the heart and quieting the mind, helping sync movement with breath and having their energy, energy of those around them and energy of the drumming move them through their meditative practice.” – Nicole Boyle (Studio owner, In Balance Yoga)

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