New To Yoga

Yoga Classes for Beginners

Are you new to yoga? We LOVE yoga newbies and offer several classes on our weekly schedule that are especially geared towards the beginner – such as Slow Stretch, Gentle, or Slow Flow. Our New Student Offer is a great way to check out as many classes as you would like for 21 days. You can click this link to purchase the 21 days for $60. It should prompt you to either log in to your existing Mindbody Account or create a new one if you don’t already have one. From there, you’ll be able to see our schedule and book your first class! 

Yoga means “union” and our goal at Radiance is to foster an environment where everyone feels welcomed, seen, and lovingly supported at every step of their yoga journey. If you have any questions about our classes & membership options, please give us a call or text at 336-283-2709.

How do I Book my First Class?

Visit our online schedule at the “Schedule” tab of this website, (or find us on the MINDBODY App) and click “Sign Up Now” next to the class you’d like to attend.

It is recommended that you arrive at least 10 minutes before class begins to give yourself time to get acquainted with our space and settled with everything you need.  Many of our classes fill up, so online pre-registration is HIGHLY SUGGESTED. Please note that for the safety of our students, we lock the front door as soon as class begins so late arrivals may not be permitted.

What to Bring:

A yoga mat! Using your own mat is the most hygienic way to build your practice, plus it fosters a more personal relationship with yoga. We sell our favorite brand in the studio, but you can also purchase your own. Bring a small towel and water bottle as well, especially if you want to try out a heated class.

Studio Etiquette


For many, time in the studio is a sacred hour free of distraction from the outside world and late-arrivals can disrupt everyone’s focus. Please do your best to arrive a few minutes before class is scheduled to begin.


It’s traditional to practice yoga in bare feet & comfortable clothing. We ask that you leave the rest of your belongings outside the studio. If you must bring tech into the practice space, switch it to airplane mode.


This one is simple. We whole-heartedly believe that yoga is for everyone and everyBODY. Please help us keep this a welcoming space of connection and growth.


We stress the non-competitive nature of yoga and invite you to make the practice your own — honoring your body and doing what is best for you.


You are encouraged to get comfortable but please clean up after yourself and be mindful that others in your shared space may be sensitive to strong perfumes and odors.


Savasana is the final relaxation posture where everyone is invited to surrender and soak in all of the benefits of their practice.

If for some reason you need to leave class early, please let your teacher know in advance so they can let you know when it’s an appropriate time to slip out.