Audrey Sheldon Ortiz

Audrey’s love of movement and connection began as a child. Filled with creative and rambunctious energy, her mother put her into figure skating at a young age. That coupled with acres of untouched land to explore and the natural beauty of Skaneateles Lake to call home, Audrey began to discover her connection to all of creation through movement and exploration. 

In the midst of the wild energy of her 20’s, she met her teacher, Chandra Om. A senior disciple of one of the last living western masters, Sri Dharma MIttra, Chandra guided Audrey in the traditional practices of the Holy Science of Yoga with a focus on renunciation and union with the Divine. Audrey formally studied at the NC School of Yoga for 5 years before she spread her wings and left the safety of her discipleship to become the teacher, healer, and facilitator she is today.

The remainder of her training has been in Shamanic Studies with a focus on Feminine Indigenous Wisdom. Audrey is a seasoned shamanic practitioner and healer, Reiki Teacher Master, Frame Drum Builder, and successful entrepreneur.