Barbara Smith

Barbara originally began practicing yoga as part of a cross-training activity for triathlons, considering herself to be a runner and cyclist first. After experiencing an achilles injury, which resulted in having to stop running, she turned to yoga – as exercise initially – but was suddenly transformed by its spiritual and mindfulness aspects. A trip to the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in the Bahamas in 2015 made Barbara realize she wanted to teach. Barbara completed her 200-hour certification at The Asheville Yoga Center in 2016. Her training quickly made her realize how much more she has to learn, and how important it is to find her authentic voice in how she shares each practice – that yoga is about more than doing the postures, but also a beautiful connection to ourselves and to others. Barbara loves a vinyasa flow-type class and has also come to greatly appreciate restorative yoga. She hopes her students will leave her classes feeling connected, centered and joyful!