Jynne Harris

Jynné Harris (pronounced J’nay), RYT200 has been practicing yoga for over 7 years.

“I went to a beginner yoga class in 2015 after going through a divorce. It was January 2 and I walked in seeking a new beginning. Little did I know that day would change my life. Bringing a new light into my heart from the breath and exploring how my body and mind reacted, it quickly became my passion Yoga is a journey and we never stop learning.  Every yogi you practice with is a teacher in some way.”  

Jynné became a certified instructor in 2020.  During Covid, studios were closed so she offered yoga in her driveway as a way to provide her friends and neighbors a place to find peace during a turbulent and scary time. “Everyone loved it and it became a thing: Driveway Yoga.  Soon, my driveway was full and people I’d never met were dropping notes in my mailbox, asking if they could join us.  I didn’t charge, it was my way of giving back.” 
Jynné’s practice is thoughtful and deliberate, focusing on the breath as it takes you in and out of poses. Her classes are meant to be therapeutic, designed to make the practitioner feel calm and revived after the practice. Her intent is to make yoga accessible for everyone in a safe, non-judgemental environment.
When not on her mat, Jynné is working as VP of Client Solutions for Kreber, a commercial photography/content studio and marketing agency. You can also find her on the golf course at Starmount Forest CC, another new found passion. 
She has a loving, supportive husband, Mike, 2 grown children and 2 spunky French Bulldogs.