Kishie took her first step on the path of yoga at the age of 16, when her grandfather introduced her to meditation. The world of meditation gave Kishie the courage to embark on unconventional journeys, and instilled a sense of personal power and the understanding that each individual is blessed with the ability to create the life that they want. When she later experienced the physical practice of yoga, she was amazed at the magic of connecting a meditative mind to breath and body movement. The peace and spaciousness she experienced was similar to that created through meditation, and it had the added benefit of soothing her physical aches and pains.

Kishie became certified to teach at The Triad Yoga Institute in 2011, and earned her 500 hour certification in 2014. Kishie’s goal as an instructor is to connect to the inner light of each of her students, and to provide a space for growth and personal discovery. Through yoga, we can all learn to be a witness to our emotional, mental and physical habits. We can gain the power to make profound shifts, leading to a more peaceful, connected, joyful life.

Kishie offers gratitude to her instructor, Terry Brown, and to all who have been a part of her yoga adventure. She gives the deepest thanks to her loving husband and her three spirited children, who, each and every day, prove to be the sweetest blessing.