Sarah Rose Mosh

Sarah Rose began practicing Hatha yoga in 2005 as part of her martial arts training, but her passion for yoga truly ignited when she started exploring the mind-body-spirit connection found beyond the strictly physical practice. Sarah Rose believes that yoga serves many purposes and loves to play with the duality of an energetic and a calming practice through asana and pranayama. Sarah Rose loves vinyasa classes, particularly open level flow and slow flow and has experience teaching yoga for kids. Sarah Rose’s favorite yoga partner is her toddler, Zeke, who is constantly on the mat with her at home. Off the mat, she adores her job as a 5th-grade science teacher.
In Sarah Rose’s classes, you will find thoughtful, creative flows, as well as deeper, more calming postures, always with a focus on the breath. Her intention is to meet you where you are in your own practice and work with you to grow your practice in a direction that is appropriate for you. You will leave Sarah Rose’s classes feeling strong, connected, and GOOD!